Saturday, March 14, 2009

If they weren't mine

I was walking out of Wal-Mart yesterday after a fairly good shopping visit - no running around, no fighting and they only talked me into one snack! (little boxes of Hannah Montana dried fruit) when I noticed Ben was hanging off the cart, legs dragging the ground.

"Stop dragging your legs. Do you have to put holes in every pair of jeans you have?" I asked in frustration because he is doing just that lately. I feel someone behind me and glance back...a man is snickering at us!

He apologizes.

"That's okay" I tell him, "I'd laugh too...if they weren't mine".
But I after getting loaded up in the car I started to think of all things they did just earlier that morning that made me laugh...
Ben referring to his teacher by her first name, Mona, on the way to the store and saying if he didn't have hands, he couldn't carry things so he would just "have to kick them around". As if those weren't funny enough, while I was putting my makeup on in the bathroom, he pulled out a big hair clip and was showing me how to "add volume" to my hair using it like a bump it clip.
Brinley insisting on wearing her new flip flops, and just putting them on over her socks and saying every time I nurse Bowen "babies get milk from boooobies".

If they weren't mine...

oh, I shudder to think.


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John Michael said...

First off, love that picture of them!

This totally made me, for real, LOL!!! :)

John Michael said...

and oopsie daisy, but this is Allison (I'm on JM's computer so I must be signed in under his blogger!)

Melisa said...

Okay, am I a total nerd for not knowing what a bumpit clip looks like?

Ah, yes. I love it when people laugh at me in public with my children. Fun times. :o)

Melisa said...

And I'm still laughing about Brinley's comment.

Cindi said...

Melisa, Did you click on the bump it link?
You're not a nerd, we would not have known either if it weren't on the local news one morning!

Jessi said...

It's always funnier when it's not happening to you, huh? Brinley's comment made me chuckle...Josiah calls my girls "Laney's Boobs".

Cute pic...looks like Bowen is even getting in on the laughing action.

Melisa said...

Oh yes, I clicked on that link. Cracked me up. I thought some of the subtle looks were kinda cute. But for the most part, it was out of control! I wish it would have shown more how they did that though. haha!

Trisha said...

Looks like they are having fun! I try to avoid taking all three to the store at all costs. But when we do go, it's in and out as fast as possible... and I'm still exhausted!

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