Monday, March 30, 2009

We definitely had a Monday

Everyone is asleep now - I should be too but feel the need to blog...probably so I can finally close the door on my day.
Brinley woke up sick & cranky. I hope she feels better by her birthday.
I'm still in mourning over her curls :(
I guess because I know they will never grow back (hence the reason she's never had a haircut). She could care less.
Moving on, I get a phone's the sprinkler man. He's around the corner. I'm still in my pj's.
I look at the calender...yep, right there - sprinkler guy 9am. Ugh!
Not everything went wrong.
I did manage to get everyone dressed & fed and to Ben's school on time for the "star student" presentation.
AND...Daddy made it!! I don't know who he bribed/threatened to manage to sneak away in the middle of the day - lol.
Here's Ben's star we decorated with things about him. See the orange Oklahoma at the bottom? (it has a white California over part of it) He cut it out and colored it all on his own. I thought Bryce did it before I got up and he assumed I helped...nope Ben did it completely on his own.
Maybe not a big deal...I just figure not many 4 year olds can cut out their state freehand...I traced Cali.
Here he is telling the class about it.
BTW - does this classroom make anyone else's head spin?
I truly feel I can breath better after I walk out of there!
Then all his classmates take turns saying something nice about Ben.
Neat - was supposed to be 25 minutes but took more like 45!!
Which made me late for my doctor's appt. Which just infuriated me anyway because I wasn't able to have my procedure because my insurance apparently requires me to have an authorization to blow my nose!!! And they need it from my PCP, whom I've never seen!

Before I go all Michael Moore "Sicko" on ya'll, I'll try to remember what Bryce told me "be happy we have insurance".
So, there - I'm thankful and majorly inconvienenced.

Pick up Ben, more errands - blowing up a picture of Pinky Dinky Doo and ordering balloons. The party store was by Old Navy, which I got a GC to for my bday so I went in...we left shortly after Ben & Brin were on the floor wrestling over the balloons they got at the party store.

Shop some other day. What was I thinking?

Next, go pick up Daddy's bicycle he's been drooling over.
He wants to do a triathlon (have I ever mentioned we're opposites?) so he needs a street bike.

Whatever makes him happy-
and it did!
He was surprised :)

~not a good picture below~
but, try to ignore Ben's weird face...see the horn on Brinley's scooter?

We got it for her yesterday.
After daddy put it on, she called it her "tooter scooter" - lol.
Love her, still miss the curls.

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Allison said...

I hope today goes a bit smoother for you!

Ben did a great job on his star. I can't believe he cut that out by himself. That's great! And yes, I do think her classroom is just a bit cluttered!

Bea said...

Whoa, I agree, that classroom is waaay to color busy for my taste!

Even without the curls Brinley is so adorable. I seemed to see a few curls still there, so they're not entirely gone!

Hope today is better. Yesterday was rough for me too. Mondays are the worst!

Melisa said...

Ugh! What a day! That is awesome he was able to make it. WOW!

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