Sunday, March 22, 2009

Date Night

We have a few of these pictures -
where Bryce & I are dressed to go out so we take a picture, then want to include the kids ... who unfortunately look like little orphans, lol.
What was your question?
...what shoes was Cindi wearing?

Let's zoom in and see ;)

Our first time at the Melting Pot - it was fun.
As soon as our waiter walked away, Bryce asked "is he a mush-mouth Vince Vaughan?"
LOL, That's just what I was thinking!

The part I was looking forward to...
bring on the chocolate!

And I hate to admit it, but I ate so much (Bryce did not help me with this course) that I kinda felt sick.
When we got home, Ben (who waited up for us) wanted to hear all about it and then asked if he & I could go on a date when he was older...awww!
Thanks so, so much
to Nece, Pawpaw & Brookie for our night out!!

We Love Ya'll.

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Trisha said...

The shoes are so cute! Glad you guys got to get away. I can't wait until we get to take our kids on dates... so fun!

Jessi said...

Happy early Birthday! Glad you were able to get out, just you and Bryce! I'm with Trisha...those shoes are SO cute!

Allison said...

ooh I love the Melting Pot dessert!! YUM! Glad yall got to go!

Bea said...

Love the shoes. You looked so cute and so happy! Glad you had a good time out.

Melisa said...

Show off. ;o) Your tiny feet look super cute in those shoes!

That food looks sooooo yummy. Mmmm fondue.... mmmm

Jennifer said...

The Melting Pot rocks...especially without kids! Nice shoes, mama. You wear them well.

Katie L said...

Love, Love, Love the shoes!!!

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