Friday, March 20, 2009

Yay, visitors!

As you know I love when people come to visit - this time it's Nece, Pawpaw & Brookie! coming back to see how big Bowen has gotten and giving Bryce & I a night out to celebrate my b-day (early). Woohoo!
We love to go home to Texas, too but I'm just not ready to make the trip with 3 kids yet. It's not a bad drive, although boring south of OKC, but I don't look forward to packing (and for a baby this time!) but the potty stops get tiring...what's with kids??

Me - "Brin, let's potty before we leave"
Brin - "NOO! I don't need to go"
10 minutes down the road...
Brin "I need to go potty".
We stop, "Ben, do you need to go?"
Ben - "No"
15 minutes later...
Yep, you guessed, he's gotta go.

And Brinley will swear she doesn't need to and I'll make her sit on the potty anyway...and she goes.

Anyway, I digress - Bryce is on call this weekend but I will have company :)


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Allison said...

YAY!! Have fun!! I hope that we can come visit you guys one of these days!

Oh, and have you read the book by Robert Munsch "I have to go!" If you haven't, I'm sure Ben would love it!

Ginny said...

Your children are absolutely precious! Just wanted to stop by and say hi! I have loved all your input on married to med blog. :)

Jessi said...

Yay for family visits! I hear ya on your hesitation on traveling to TX (you have to take everything but the kitchen sink when traveling with littles)....and the potty stops..they're what I dread most about my children finally reaching that point & long car rides (this is the exact reason why I'm not pushing Josiah to "train" before our travel to IL in July, just before his 3rd birthday).

Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

Melisa said...

So true! How was the fondue? Did you eat a chocolate covered strawberry for me? ;o)

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