Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our Cooold Saturday

It was 27 degrees at noon with a strong wind - brrr!
You might be wondering why I would get a newborn out of the house but there was a parent's meeting for soccer and Daddy is on call this weekend so... out I go, 3 kids in tow! Gotta get used to it, right?
Since we were on the other side of town, near Cici's, we had to enjoy some pizza buffet :)My hands were full so I had to decide - Do I leave my Coach bag or Bowen unattended?
We picked a table right by the buffet line so I could easily see/serve everyone.
Luckily the kids were hungry and therefore well behaved.

Check out this pony tail Daddy fixed...can you see all the hair tangled in the rubber band? haha...not even sure he brushed it but at least it was up, so I left it :)

Bowen sleeping, as usual...I'll take advantage while I can because I know it will get harder when he's on more of a schedule.

Off to the game room...
oh, darn - Mommy didn't have any quarters ;)

Ben can't decide if he wants to drive or shoot.
But Brin loves racing.

Our Saturday night entertainment was Bowen's first real bath!!
~10 days old~
We had a little space heater going to he wouldn't be too cold but he still was not happy.
Everyone helped out.
especially little mommy.

Mmm, fresh baby!

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Allison said...

See, it looks like you already doing great with 3! The thought of just 2 already terrifies me!

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