Monday, March 16, 2009

The shoes!

Many of you know I was excited to go shoe shopping because

#1-My feet were no longer swollen

#2-I had DSW rewards to redeem

So I scanned DSW one day last week (I had Brin & Bowen with me) and was sooo disappointed because most of their sandals were gladiator style (not good for my short legs) or flip flops - well, I can get flip flops at Old Navy for $2.

Anyway I stole a little time for myself this weekend and went back determined to find some shoes. I gave up on the cute sandals I hoped for and moved over to the dress shoes. I thought maybe something for church???

I walked over and paused in front of a pair of "pumps" then it happened...a lady about my mom's age stopped beside me spying a similar shoe.

Oh, Heck no...I'm not turning into my mother!!!

So, I headed straight for the "real" heels,

and spotted these Steve Maddens...Unlike anything I have.

Surprisingly, not uncomfortable.

Cute peep toe, so not strictly a winter shoe.

Perfect for when my husband takes me out for my birthday.

And most importantly...

when I put them on, I did not feel like a frumpy housewife.

I felt like a woman.
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Allison said...

Those are cute!! And so out of my comfort zone, but really, I like them!!!

Jennifer said...

Love your birthday shoes!
Perfect match if worn with your birthday suit!

Trisha said...

Cute! i was there last night and got a laugh at all of the gladiator shoes after you mentioned it. There were a ton!

Jessi said...

Those are definitely NOT frumpy housewife shoes! They're totally not my style, but they're CUTE!

Melisa said...

You are lucky they make cute shoes for your little feet. Not so much in my size....

Cindi said...

Ok Melisa...I wear a 7 1/2.
Gotta ask - what size do you wear?

Melisa said...

You'd ask a lady that in public?! Want to know my weight too?!

Melisa said...

Okay, you know I'm kidding right? I wear a 10. Come on! I'm 5 ft 8!

Cindi said...

Well, it's compensation for only being 5-2in, haha.
I'm pretty sure they had a 10 though :)

Melisa said...

You think size 10 feet look good in cutesy little peek toes? Now you know why I hate shopping. That and all my pants are high waters. Darn you little petite girls! ;o)

Cindi said...

No way are you getting away with that last comment :o...pants are overwhelmingly made for the tall girls!!!

Melisa said...

Oh no you didn't! Are you serious!? You can always cut and rehem long pants. What would you like me to do?! Add a little lace cuff?!

Melisa said...

Okay, you knew that was a fake fight, right?? LOVE YOU!!! :o)

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