Monday, March 2, 2009

Where is my husband?

He was here the night I went into labor - I remember because when I told him I think labor is starting, he popped in his P90X dvd so he wouldn't miss his workout.
And he was still here to pick me up from the hospital and to complain about how I didn't get discharged earlier...

But the last week this man has been getting up with the kids, feeding them breakfast, starting laundry, and (are you sitting down?) doing dishes including emptying the dishwasher! all before work.
He has not complained about anything really, including leftovers - even after eating chicken stew for days. He didn't freak out at McTeacher night, even though McDonald's was a madhouse.
He raved about last night's chicken tortilla soup (which I've made a million times) and gave me a back massage!!!
Another reason I'm beside myself ???
This morning he suggested we go to Disney World instead of his original idea of an "eating vacation".

Who is this man?? And what did he do with my husband??

I know I married for better or worse... but I'll take the better Bryce :)

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Lindy said... can't go to Disney World!! Bowen won't remember it and I wanna go!!!

Allison said...

Bryce is a good guy. (I don't know why I feel the need to tell you that, since you are the one married to him and all) But he was always so nice to me last year. Anyway, maybe you need to keep having babies! HAHA! j/k. :)

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