Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Great Snowy Birthday!

I didn't have a birthday blizzard, just some nice soft snow - no ice or sleet.

First on our agenda...Go out for breakfast!

Birthday girls don't cook :)

Ben in his surgeon's cap and -for some reason- not a real coat! Oh, I know why...birthdays girls don't have to dress the kids :)

In the afternoon, daddy made "Snowy" our snowman. I know, original name, huh?
But he who builds it, also gets to name it.
Ben picked the "hat".
Snowy was the kids' first snowman!
Bowen's first snow!!
5 weeks old

We headed to Chili's for dinner where Ben & Brinley were all too happy to help me with my birthday desert!
*please note*
For the record, Bryce did not partake in desert.
There, now your rep is still intact :)

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Jennifer said...

Happy birthday mama.
Sending you thoughts and wishes for a healthy happy year.
You all look fabulous.

Dion said...

I've been lurking this morning... :-)
We love Chili's, too. Our fav dessert, though, is the Chocolate Chip Paradise pie! Yum!

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