Thursday, August 28, 2008

I've been asked..."what are biscuits?"

Biscuits (resembling a biscuit popping out of a can) are the hip fat that pops out over the top of your jeans. Some of you have never had it but now that I'm fattening up and still wearing some of my (non maternity)really low rise jeans, I have biscuits. They can also be called muffin tops but they're not pretty.
I've debated on putting some belly pics on my blog, but didn't really know if anyone wanted to see a big fat belly. I think it's awesome but some people (hmm...Lin) think it's gross and should be kept under wraps. So maybe I'll get Bryce to take some?? And some of you can just look away - lol!

And, what is up with this extra large Jitterbug print?? I logged on today and it was this way! or is it just MY computer?

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Lindy said...

I think it's just your computer.....and if you would have said muffin top I would have known what you were talking about! And PLEASE keep the belly under wraps....have you seen the latest pics on Minnie Driver in a bikini showing of her preggo belly? UGH! What is the worlds fascination with a pregnant belly- it's not like you can SEE the baby!!!!I just don't get it......

Allison said...

I've heard of muffin tops too --- just not biscuits! And, I'm dying to see you pregnant!!! Now, I don't get when people want to touch other people's bellies - that's just gross, I had a ton of strangers coming up and touching me. But, I do want to see your big belly (when you get bigger!) And if it's your last one, you definitely need pics!

tammy said...

Show the belly pics! You have impaired vision when it comes to yourself and how your body looks. Your gorgeous!I think the only reason we know what "biscuits" are is because we used the term around the office. (and remember Tonya?) That was her description too because it does look like the stuff that pops right out of the pillsbury can! This is my first comment ever on a blog. I just signed up. I feel so techno connected at this moment. Such a dork, huh?

Jennifer said...

yes to the belly pics - muffin top and all. you only live once

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