Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sunshine!

My little girl is 3 years old today! This was taken Sunday - we still had a snowman in the backyard, lol.

Her favorite lullaby is "You are my Sunshine".
Here's how bedtime goes...

Brin - will you sing me a wullaby (lullaby)?
Me - sure, which one?
Brin - Umm....sunshine!
Me - "You are my sunshine..."
Brin - Me? I'm your sunshine?
Me - Yes, you! " only sunshine. You make me happy..."
Brin - I make you happy mommy?
Me - Yes you make me very happy "...when skies are gray. You'll never know dear..."
Brin - I'm your dear?
Me - Yes " much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away."

I guess I went a bit crazy with the pictures but Blogger was uploading quickly so I just kept adding...Anyway, I just love looking back at how they have grown & changed! Hope you do too.

Ben & Brinley
Easter 2006
She was 2 weeks old.
And looked nothing like she does now. A few months, and 2 piercings, later...

Rocking the hairbow!

Texas State Fair

This little go-getter was crawling before she was 6 months old!

Her first birthday!

Corpus Christi...she loved running from the waves.

Tea Service Putting a pretty flower in her hair.

Her 2nd birthday!

Silly at the beach.
One of favorite pics - dancing to the mariachi band.

Working on her skillzz at gym...she's still a go-getter!
Making herself at home at Ben's school.
She's such a big girl now.

Tonight we will celebrate by going out to eat - birthday girl's choice of course!
And, yessarooni positooni, our little April fool will have a Pink Dinky Doo party on Sunday :)

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Trisha said...

Hope she feels better today and has the best birthday! Such a beautiful little girl!

And, the You are My Sunshine between the two of you... so sweet.

Allison said...

Happy Birthday Brinley!!!

And she is soooo cute - I've never seen any of her baby pics! I think we were there when she was dancing to the band - that was cute!

Tell her Jenna says Happy Birthday! :)

Melisa said...

She is gorgeous! Happy April Fool's birthday!

Jennifer said...

Great pictures and very sweet look back at the last three years! Priceless.

Katie L said...

What a sweet birthday girl! Love the pics!

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