Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Valentine's Day

I guess technically my Valentine's Day started Friday night when Bryce got home with roses & chocolates, even though he had a long day driving to Texas for the funeral then coming right back home (he was hesitant to leave me, afraid I would go into labor) but he stopped to get gifts for me and the kids :)

Here's Brin taking a big whiff.

She always makes me stop to smell the flowers in grocery stores or craft stores (even though those aren't real, haha). Me & my little man

Daddy took us out for lunch at Olive Garden (my & Ben's choice, not daddy's). The kids always eat well there - from salad & bread sticks to spaghetti and desert :)

Later we went to the video store because (GASP!) we still do not have television, our satellite has not been getting a signal since the tornado and they can't get here until next week to fix it!! Also, our road is still not open and we had another short power outage Friday night. I overheard my kids playing "the power is out" game last night in Ben's room.

Sooo ready for things back to normal because without tv we are fighting for computer time... Bryce is now totally addicted to Facebook - I think he was going thru withdrawals while we were at the video store, lol.
Which, by the way, reminded me why we switched to Netflix a couple years ago. Although I found a reasonable place (unlike the $4 one night rental I paid for while Bryce & the kids were gone, tonight I spent $3 for 5 videos!) taking kids in to pick out movies...not fun.
And we never did watch a movie last night - maybe today at nap time....

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