Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Moving up

My little girl is moving up - today was Brinley's first day in the solo (no mommies) 3 year old gym class. She's not 3 yet so of course she's the smallest but she did pretty well. Her biggest problem is staying on task and not running off but she's with Coach Sherry who she really likes so she was totally comfortable with me not being there (well, I'm watching thru the glass). Where did this little firecracker come from? So not like me as a little girl. I actually admire her...and I hope she never loses it!

Then we made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby for cookie cutters because somehow I volunteered just this morning to make cookies for Ben's 100th day of school celebration tomorrow : 0

And, yes after picking Ben up at school, I did get the rest of my shopping done :) Not bad for a sickly (actually I'm feeling better today) extremely pregnant mommy, huh?
Well...we are having pizza for dinner though, haha.

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