Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When will it stop?

oh my...the milk.
I don't remember how long it takes before I stop looking like Dolly, but man I hope it's soon. Last night I was opening my free diaper bag from the hospital and I said "oooh!". Brook was nearby and asked "what?" and I'm sure she was thinking it was something cool...it was breast milk storage containers, lol! When I ran out, I actually just pumped into the trash can - I know horrible, liquid gold being discarded but I was desperate.
Oh, and the swelling - I was never this puffy pregnant and now I'm fluid filled from my eyelids to my sausage toes.

I know it will end. After all, I've done this before...
These are the things I convinced myself weren't so bad 9 months ago.

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Suzanne said...

UGH! All I can say is sorry, but that doesn't make it better NOW!
Feel better soon.

Jennifer said...

"Things" should subside within about four weeks, right? It's not that long! You can do it, mama.

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