Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cookie secret

I had a parent send a note (via Ben) asking about the cookies! Apparently his daughter loved them and he wants to know what kind they were or the recipe...I'm so busted because they were made with Pillsbury sugar cookie dough that I just rolled & cut!
Lol - hey, gotta take some short cuts : 0
The good news is he can easily make them too!

*** I had a few questions to address:

After I made the reindeer cake pops & felt like a weirdo because I was the only one who made something...I did verify with the teacher & principal that there is no rule about homemade food in the classroom, I'm just the odd mom out. I figure if my kids are gonna eat junk, it should at least be junk made with love :)

And no I didn't attend the party - I think it was a low key celebration because we never were invited really but I'll be there (with cake pops!) for the Valentine's Day party next week...if I don't go into labor.

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