Saturday, February 21, 2009

A few more details...

The gory details -
I went in Tuesday evening after having consistent contractions for a couple hours, they monitored me & decided to admit even though they weren't really strong. Near midnight they were getting more intense so I asked for my epidural and got it at 12:45 but then labor stalled...ugh!
So later that morning my doctor started Pitocin and broke my water so we could have a baby!
2 funny things - Yes, I had makeup on but after 19 hours, it didn't matter. And the checker at Walmart predicted the date correctly -lol!!!
First picture - hey, I said gory details, lol. Not much hair on this "little" guy.

All cleaned up :)

Brinley is happy to be a big sister - she just watches him & giggles.
(don't worry Nece was supporting Bowen from underneath)

Ben is proud but very nervous to hold him, so Daddy helps.

The visit was not without some drama.
Brinley flipped over the couch and got a scary huge knot on her head.
It was horrible!
But I'm happy to report she's doing good now.

We left the hospital Friday.

And are now home recovering, even though I gotta admit it was my least painful labor - by far and I had really great care, no wicked nurses : )
We will have to work on getting our days & nights straight, and he's got a great appetite so my posts will definitely be sporadic, especially after my helpers leave in a couple of days & Bryce returns to work on Monday :(

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Misty said...

How sweet! He is a cutie. Poor Brinley, that looks like it hurt alot.resershl

Misty said...

oops...I posted my word verification!

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