Monday, February 23, 2009

Bowen's first check up

Bowen - 4 days old Okay, I gotta admit I stole this idea from Allison's Jenna Bear. My "Bowen Bear" was a gift from Nece & Pawpaw so it's huge but I think it will be fun to document his growth with such a big sidekick :)

Speaking of growth, he had a check up today and has dropped under 8 pounds but otherwise he's a perfect newborn!

Ben & Brinley have been very loving and haven't been jealous (yet) but I've had help so we'll see what happens after Aunt Brookie leaves tomorrow...I'll keep my fingers crossed that I can juggle them all.
Housework is another story, haha.

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Suzanne said...

What a sweet little boy!
You can juggle. I promise.

Allison said...

Well crap - I just tried to leave you a comment so I'm going to try again. I said I like the bear. I think bigger is probably better so you can see his growth better. And if I was there, I'd help you somehow, but I'm sure you'll do awesome on your own! :)

Jennifer said...

He looks perfect.
I love the Bowen Bear idea.
Very cool

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