Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A new attitude

My impatience has obviously gotten the best of me (especially after yesterday's dr. appt.) so my husband called me out on it last night . He reminded me that my due date is still next week and that I should be happy our baby is full term and I've had a healthy pregnancy.
Honestly, I am just anxious and ready to get the labor & engorgement & gooey belly all over with.

But I am going to have a new grateful attitude! I am so thankful I've had not 1 - but 3 healthy pregnancies! And I will enjoy my last few days as a mom of 2 (thanks Suzanne) and try to take it all in because it's likely my last days to ever be pregnant, which is a gift...more so than being able to sleep or tie my shoes :)
And when the lady at Target tells me there's a special place in heaven for me (having a 4yr, 2yr & newborn) I'll try not to think "yeah, it's heaven's version of the psych ward" -lol.

I'm one lucky girl.

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Jennifer said...

You are one lucky girl...with a beautiful healthy family! Enjoy every minute of it - and your last day(s) of "organized chaos" with just your two cutie pies.

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