Friday, April 3, 2009

Brinley's Special Day

Brinley loves stuffed animals! Puppies really.
I thought Build-A-Bear would be the perfect birthday treat for her!
"I want that puppy"
"Brinley, look at the kitty..."
"I want that puppy"
"Oh, this lamb is soo soft..."
"I like that puppy" Okay, another puppy...
Let's make him smart.

And clean.
And dress him...
"Brin, is the puppy a boy or girl?"
"boy" she says...
Then looks right at the shirts and says "girl...a girl like me"
Ahh, the lure of a sparkly pink Disney princess tee.

But she's not just a cute pup...
She's got skateboarding skills too!

She chose Chilis's for dinner.
My kids love some corn on the cob!

A big family "Cheese".
oh, wait...where's Bowen?
I guess the waitress couldn't get the baby carrier in the shot :(

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Lindy said...

Ben is tearing up that corn on the cob..but Chili's has really good corn on the cob so I understand. lol

Trisha said...

What a fun day for the birthday girl. Love her little top she is wearing.

Melisa said...

Calet and Brinley would get along so great! Calet is obsessed with all things puppy. Actually, maybe they'd be fighting over the puppies instead of getting along. ;o)

Allison said...

Love the pillowcase dress - you are going to have to make more of those!

Glad she had a good day!

And, I wondered where Bowen was til I read that!

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