Monday, April 27, 2009

Random Weekend Pics

Bowen playing with Daddy.
Bryce's parents came up and stayed the weekend so they could watch Ben play. So we had fun spending time with them!
We went out to dinner, did a little shopping and of course went to Ben's game.
Brinley "watching" Ben play.

Ben had a hurt foot this week but he still played.

And scored 2 goals, but I think only 1 counted :p

Brinley got her hand stuck in her piggy bank :(

And little Bowen is all smiles lately :)

And doesn't get any attention....only 1, 2, 3...4 people standing around him here.

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Allison said...

Wow - Bowen has gotten so big! And I can see both Ben and Brinley in him! Trying to decide who he looks like more - at first I thought Brinley, but then it looks like the same expression Ben has a lot of the time! Who do you think?

Glad you all had a good weekend! We did too!

April said...

Cute pics of the babies, Bowen is precious, of course they all 3 are precious..Glad you all had some great weather too!!

Katie L said...

Awww...sweet pictures! Looks like a great weekend!

Cindi said...

I don't think Bowen looks like me or Brinley. He favors Ben but I think (as he grows) he will end up looking the most like Bryce.
His hair is a lot lighter than Ben & Brin's was and I'm betting his eyes will stay that's my prediction :)

Melisa said...

Your kids are so cute! How wonderful to have family in town! Nice!

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