Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An evening out

Out on the patio, that is.
We had to take advantage of this glorious day!
So, the kids and I had dinner outside - no grill because it hasn't survived this Oklahoma wind
Scoot together for a picture, kids. Okay, Brinley frown...
or make a Popeye face, whatever works.

Your turn Ben, frown...
he couldn't :P

They were talking about something here.
I don't know what, but I love their body language.

Ice cream sandwiches for dessert!
Shh! don't tell Daddy -
(he was working out to get ready for his mini-triathlon next month).
They were frozen strawberry yogurt with a granola "cookie".
Healthier than a regular ice cream sandwich, right?
At least that's what we'll go with.

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April said...

Too cute, we love having dinner outside, of course in a month or two it will be so humid you won't be able to breathe outside, so we are enjoying while we can...Love seeing the kids pics, so cute!!

Trisha said...

It was a great day, wasn't it? They look like they had a fun time together. Ellie has that same dress. :)

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