Wednesday, April 15, 2009

P90X Lowdown

It's not going well ya'll.
My evening workouts were "not working" for Bryce and they kept me up late, which left me tired. So I switched to mornings which lasted only a few days because Bowen is only napping about 15 minutes at a time.
Then I didn't workout at all Easter weekend.
This week I thought I would try afternoons - worked on Monday (had to finish last 20 mins. after Bryce got home though) but yesterday I was only able to do it about 10 minutes at a time...probably not effective for a cardio workout, huh?
I gave up halfway through it, took Bowen's temp because he's not sleeping and it's worrying me - it was normal.

I enjoy it because it's effective - my buns are still sore from Monday.

But now I'm feeling totally defeated.
I don't think I'll even try today.

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Ginny said...

Don't feel defeated! When Kody and I did P90X we had to break a lot of it up too...especially the yoga video. I started just doing each exercise and fast forwarding to the next one. He talks too much! Keep it up! :)

Colin said...

your blog showed up on my P90X google alert list and I had to comment. P90X while effective, can be a big time investment which is tough with us that have families. I do the best I can (when not sick) and on the days the wife isnt feeling up to carrying the burden of parenting alone for 2 hours, I just cut the workout short. Just do your best...yadda yadda yadda. :)

Melisa said...

You are allowed breaks. Hello, mom of 3 littles! You NEED breaks! But you are typing the exact reason why I joined a gym with child care. It is ridiculous to try to get my schedule and Brad's schedule to mesh long enough for my workout.

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