Friday, April 17, 2009


My kids built a book "bridge" throughout the house to escape the alligators...those scary Oklahoma alligators!
(please forgive my nearly naked son) And this little girl was wearing a white t-shirt & jeans then went to "potty" before we left.
I put Bowen in his seat then called out "Brinley, let's go".
She called back "I'm getting my socks..."

This is how I found her.
And that's why I can never seem to leave on time.

Also my apologies to anyone who saw these without commentary...I didn't realize they posted earlier - oops!

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Trisha said...

That top picture looks familiar! It's hard to get out the door when it feels like everyone's workin' against ya, huh? But she sure looks cute though!

April said...

haha, too funny, sound like my days with the girls, we never get anywhere on time!!! She did look too cute in her little hat!!

Melisa said...

I know! No matter what I do to leave on time, something seems to happen!

Watch out for those alligators!

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