Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Who is Noggin's Moose A. Moose?

His name is Paul Christie.
Who knew Moose was a hunk?
Thanks Allison, for filling my mind with that image everytime I hear "believe in spring, it's on it's way..."

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Allison said...

Isn't it crazy?

And I just found the believe in spring song on you tube for Jenna to listen to. I don't know if I had heard that or not, but it's cute. Jenna's favorite is the "everywhere I go" - it's on youtube too, so we just watched that one a couple of times!

Lindy said...

Oh man....he's cute. But is he a weirdo?? Most people who do childrens shows

Jessi said...

I NEVER would have thought to Google the man behind Moose A. Moose...WOW! We like "Are We There Yet?"

Joy said...

I never would have pictured him!

Richard M said...

Sorry ladies, that is not Moose A Moose. His name IS Paul Christie, a Canadian actore. Same name as the voice, but not the same face.

Bong Ginni said...

My daughter just loves his voice... she drops everything to listen to him :). I am surprised to see he is a hunk!!

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