Sunday, April 19, 2009

The reluctant star

Reluctant to practice Thursday night- sat there for 20 minutes refusing and trying my patience but I wasn't going to let him off the hook.

Reluctant to play - didn't want to warm up and started the game on the bench with a banana! ...and off the subject but see that bench above? One of the dads made it and he brings it to all the games for the team!

Miss Brin loves to accessorize for game days.

But once Ben got in the game, he shined - He scored 3 goals!

I love it when they celebrate after a score :)

They run all around, giving high fives - it's too cute!

Post game tunnel.

The Rockstars finally pulled off a win this week :)

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April said...

He's the star of the game, he needs his Hope you all had a great weekend!!

Dion said...

He needed the banana pre-game for energy. Duh, Mom!

We do the tunnel after the game, too. We encourage the kids to all run in one direction. However, someone doesn't and then there is a collision and tears!

Great way to spend a Saturday morning!

Keeping up with The Jones' said...

I can't wait till soccer games fun!!!!

The cook book is really easy , I love it!

Yes the egg hunt was puny!!! We need more kids in the Jones/Welborn family, poor Chloe is lonely! We ran into Ashley and her kids at Toys R Us, Chloe did not know what to think!!! They were everywhere, it was hilarious.

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