Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My poor boys

Bowen had an appointment for yesterday but they called and rescheduled for today at 2 o'clock, which I realized, a few minutes later, was Tuesday...Brinley has gym class.
I called back and said I could be there by 2:10 so she said I would be moved to 2:30 and if I came early, I would be seen earlier...well, I wasn't seen early.

Bowen's check up went well:
weight 12lbs. 7oz. - 66%
length 23.25 inches - 61%
head 40 cm - 48%
So, he's thriving! Just wish this cradle cap would go away.

Brinley tells the pediatrician "my Pawpaw was struck by lightening" lol - true but it was years ago!
By the end of the visit, I'm anxious because it's after 3 and I need to pick up Ben. Time for shots (which Brinley was way too excited about) and I'm waiting on the nurse - she's a sweetie but I had to go get her because we needed to go! So he got his first immunizations (btw- they have one for rota virus now!) and I couldn't even comfort him properly because I had to throw him in the car seat and go!

Right by the school, my phone rings. Yep, Ben was the LAST kid left.
Great, I'm that mom now.

He asked for ice cream because he "was standing out in the hot sun so long" and of course I got him some - darn guilt.

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Lindy said...

Man they know how to work you....that's ok, I would have caved in and let him have one too!! And I was the last kid a few times at school and mom worked down the road at the store...lol

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