Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Congratulations Grad!

Bryce is now a P90X graduate and gets to enjoy a few days off - yeah! He completed the program without missing a single workout despite ice, snow, tornado and birth of a new son! I'm only 12 days in and I've already missed a workout (so I could stay up and create Pinky) so we're very proud of him.

I would post a picture but he probably wouldn't be too happy with me ; )
He's now getting ready for his triathlon in May.
We're definitely two different breeds.

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Jessi said...

You guys are hard core....Congrats, Bryce, on finishing the full 90 days...and to you, too, Cindi...12 days is twice as far as I made it. ;-)

Melisa said...

Very impressive!

Dion said...

I so want to start P90X. The girl, that I workout with, is doing it and looks incredible. I'm interested in your thoughts.

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