Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday's Laughable Moments

On the way to Best Buy, Ben started telling me a story about him and a they had gotten mixed up and switched cars after soccer and he was just laughing & took me a (confusing) minute to realize the story was completely made up!
My kids channeling their inner Rock Star... I love this serious look...
but can't stand these jeans!
He has done this to every pair except one and I'm not buying new jeans in April ! Besides, I had on my ripped Lucky jeans so how big of a hypocrite would I be to not allow him to wear his?
"Mom, look! We match"

As we were leaving Best Buy we passed the Home theater complete with couch, chairs and Wall-E playing. They immediately sat down and watched like little zombies when an older lady joined us. After a couple of minutes she started to fall asleep and Ben said "mom, she's asleep!" loud enough to wake her.

While at Target, the kids found a tootsie pop on the, they didn't open it (whew) but instead made up a game.
They would toss it and whomever got it first had "the power".
They were staying nearby and not bothering anyone - we were in the clothing dept.- so they were fine, I thought.

Well, another mom comes along being pretty strict with her 2 children...fairly loud, for my "benefit" I believe, but don't care.
Her daughter is asking what my kids are doing and the mom is just leading them away...but I was browsing the clearance and we get closer.
She had just gotten onto her little boy when her daughter said "she has the power". The mom smugly replied "that's right, mommy does have the power". The little girl corrected her "no...she has the power" pointing to Brinley.
I don't look up but am laughing inside.
Ben explains "well, it's really just a lollipop" and strikes up a conversation!

That mom was so relieved when Bowen began to cry and I lead my hoodlums, um I mean children away to check out - lol.

Brinley has passed the asking stage lately so she plops a bag of skittles (which she calls m&ms) on the belt at check out. As if!
"Sorry" I say as I put them back and she protests.
Our checker was a nice, clueless, young man and he asked Brinley "oh, is someone having a bad day?"
With a smile I say "this is a pretty normal day, actually".
The lady behind me congratulated me on winning the skittles/m&m battle :)

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April said...

Good for you, I am just now into the battles, usually over popsicles and Band-Aids, don't ask, the girl loves to put Band-Aids on everything!!! Loved all the great pics, have a great day!!

Allison said...

JM and your kids would have a great time. He always plays the games in BB. :)

Melisa said...

Ah snap! She's got the power!

I avoid taking my kids to the store at all costs, but we were completely out of peanut butter, which is a problem, so I took them in JUST FOR PEANUT BUTTER. We were checking out and Calet kept grabbing candy and putting it on the scanner. ARGH!

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