Friday, April 3, 2009

The Munchkin, The Mouth & Mommy's boy

The munchkin is Brinley. We had her 3 year check up today and she is only 9th percentile for height and 13th for weight! She has stalled at 27lbs. I thought for sure she was up to 30, but nope. I know she has grown though because her 18-24 mos. jeans we got last fall are getting small, haha. Maybe we'll cross our fingers for a gymnast...

The Mouth is Ben. He was such a serious baby and when people talked to him, he would just look right through them. I actually wished for a more social baby! Oh, how he's changed...if anyone makes the mistake of talking to him (like the older lady at the doctor's office) they will get an earful- how old he is, how old Brinley is, we're having a party Sunday and will be serving apple juice, orange juice, lemonade, tea, milk, grape juice, cupcakes and Chili's chips & salsa...he's in pre-k and is a West Field wildcat but he's really a fifth grader....and on and on.
He often spills his guts to the poor cashiers/baggers at any store we go to. And even when he's not asked as in today when the pediatrician was asking about Brinley "what kind of meat does she eat?" Ben told her he eats steak...with Roadhouse. "Does she still nap?" Ben does, well sometimes when he's tired, or he just plays, or sits in there and looks at books...luckily we have a great and very patient pediatrician :)

Bowen is mommy's boy. At least that's what Bryce will tell you as he's crying every night while I work out. I've done a whole week of P90X !! but I don't know how much longer this arrangement will work. Onto mommy's boy...Bowen is 6 weeks old and great. Becoming more alert. He smiled-a genuine smile- right at me Wednesday : ) He usually only cries when he's hungry. His baby acne is improving but now we're dealing with cradle cap - yuckie. He's outgrown newborn diapers & onesies already! He's my biggest baby (I think) - can't wait to see what percentile he is at his 2 month check up.

Now, off to bake the Munchkin's cake...

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