Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why I love Spring

  • Kids play outside = less mess inside : )
  • No jackets, scarves, etc. to keep up with.
  • Kids playing outside = tired kids... tired sleepy kids who go to bed easily.
  • Grilling (when we get a new one) = less cooking for me & healthier meals.
  • Warm days are good excuses for ice cream, yummm.
  • Fewer colds/viruses - especially good with a newborn in the house!
  • No A/C or heat on = saving $$

(but don't worry Pawpaw, I'll turn the A/C on for ya this weekend- it's 80 degrees in here right now)

What do you like about Spring?

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Bea said...

I'm all about not having a jacket (for myself) and not having the AC or heat on.

But another one I'd add:
Having longer spans of sunlight. I just love that I can leave work in the sunshine instead of in the dark.

Oh, and I love the flowers, even if they do give me horrible allergies. :)

Allison said...

Playing outside for sho now!! Well our version of "playing" is walking up and down the sidewalk, but it's something different to do and I've feel like we've spent enough time indoors!

Also, I love my flip-flops!

P.S. I saw it where it got up to 95 degrees in CC yesterday!!

Jessi said...

Spring, huh? I guess when I lived somewhere where Spring did make an appearance, I loved leaving the windows open, the cool/crisp mornings, flowers, beginning of berry picking season, and just the perfect temp for a run (don't get too sweaty).

Whew, 80 degrees *inside* your house...AND you're nursing a baby...and you're surviving? Nursing always made me sweat like're one tough woman. ;-)

And yes,'s HOT here already....there's definitely NO Spring here, folks.

PS. Randy is in CC for the next day and is staying at the Radisson right on the bay, he can see an aircraft carrier right out his hotel room window...he says it's AWESOME! We've decided to stop there for part of our vacay in excited!

Lindy said...

Baseball Season...Open Windows all the time and just a touch of sun on the face.

Robertson's said...

I love the weather - not too hot, and not too cold!! Just the best time of the year!

Joy said...

Love being able to open the windows- and getting to play outside! And the spring clothes- love the colors!

Jen said...

Yes, getting all the little ones outside has so many bonuses!

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