Tuesday, August 12, 2008

To "B" or not ?


My 15 year old niece is here to stay a few days so we went to the movies last night and saw "Sisterhood of the traveling pants 2" and liked it. The first one was probably better but aren't they usually? Blake Lively (also from Gossip Girl) is in it (her nickname from her grandma is "bee", cute, huh?) and I really want to name the baby Blake if it's a girl so I'm trying to wear Bryce down on that one. At least it's a "B" name like he prefers- my 2nd choice is Aerin - which is really prob my first but I'm offering up Blake since it does start with a "B". I think it's perfectly okay to break the "B" cycle, but he thinks the baby (child) will feel left out? Any thoughts?

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Allison said...

If it's a boy, would you still name him Blake? I don't think s/he would feel left out without a B name.

Lindy said...

If you HAVE to pick a B name then Blake for a girl is good. But I personally think that the B cycle should be broken....maybe she/he will feel special that they are the only one with a different name that doesn't start w/ B! Does Angelia feel left out that we were named w/ rhyming names? haha...wait bad example!

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