Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baby scare

I should start out by saying both the baby and I are fine. But we spend our morning at the hospital having a sonogram and then over to my obstetrician's office for a visit. The "scare" part started a little before 3 am when I started bleeding - very scary for any pregnant woman and I've never really experienced that so I feared the worst. It stopped (for the most part) so I decided to wait it out and call my doc in the morning instead of making a trip to the ER. Turns out I have a placenta previa - "low lying placenta" so it's not too unusual to bleed and most of the time it will correct itself and move up as the baby & uterus grow. We will keep track of the condition with sonograms and I will have to take some precautions like refraining from doing anything strenuous, and this includes lifting my children. That will be sooo hard for me!
It was a rough way for us to spend the morning. I barely got Ben to school on time but I got a couple of cute sonogram pictures to start my scrapbook with (or scrapbox since I'm very very slow to put the baby's books together) and I saw the baby's heartbeat and he/she even did a flip so that made me feel much better than I did at 3 am this morning.

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Allison said...

I had placenta previa too for the longest time! Did you know that? Anyway, the bleeding is scary. I'm so glad everything is ok!

Cindi said...

I didn't know that - that makes me feel much better because Jenna is a happy, healthy baby!

Jennifer said...

my instinct was to congratulate you on reaching your 12-week milestone....then I read "baby scare"....
I was relieved that all looks well and nothing serious happened! Thank God!! Take care of yourself and rest when u can.... Keep us updated. Jennifer

Cindi said...

thanks jennifer. I, too, thought all was well especially after I made it to 12wks and I think i was just as shocked as scared but it's a good reminder of the precious life I carry inside.

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