Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The toys...

This is just amazing to me - from one weekend (with my family visiting) to the next weekend (going home to Texas) this is some of the toys my children have been given. And I say some because Ben's planet & star set is up on his walls, Brinley left a few animals and a pot behind at Nece & Pawpaw's and Ben left an entire tool set there as well as horses they left at my mom's house! Also each caterpillar backpack has a set of toys but I only emptied out one for the picture and they got clothes & books also not pictured. Now a couple of things are late presents from Ben's birthday and a few things aren't brand new...but c'mon...they are spoiled rotten! This is why I find it sooo easy to tell my kids "no" when we pass the toy aisle at Target.

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