Monday, August 4, 2008

New Experiences

After I made my first prenatal appointment, I received some paperwork in the mail - one was an info sheet on how to go online and fill out my medical history on something called a patient portal. Has anyone else done this? It was new for me. I logged on with the name & password they gave me (then had to change it) and worked on an extensive questionnaire. Although a little impersonal, at least it will same some time at my actual visit and I know my medical info is correct, not someone else interpretation of what I'm saying. It was a good new experience, except for sitting in the hot garage with my laptop while the kids "work" on my car. Notice all the chalk marks on my tire? They were making it "beautiful" for me! Speaking of next experience is one I dread - finding a new hairdresser. I had an appointment Saturday morning at a salon I found in the "Welcome Wagon" (yes, there were coupons involved) and it was okay at best. I was surprised I got a Saturday appointment so easily so that raised a flag but I thought maybe she's new...she probably was. Besides hearing the owner/manager argue with another hairdresser (like I don't hear enough at home!) the ambiance was okay, not rushed. My hair turned out okay... a little short, especially in the front where it was also uneven! Surely she could spot that but she chose not to acknowledge so I probably will be going somewhere different next time. Not a wonderful experience.
Then Brinley got her big girl bed put together right before nap time - I wouldn't have chosen that time but my husband had started by the time I got back and since my house & garage were all clean (he's a really great housekeeper-and I've definitely slacked lately) I went with the flow. So here's a picture of Ben helping her get her new bed all broken in...
She only got up once at nap and knocked and said she wanted to play but I put her back and she has stayed in since, no problems!! yeah! Ben also slept in his bed all night last night so I don't know why I'm up at 6 am? Potty training is also going well!
My last experience was going to Ulta, which I have never been before. I've been feeling kinda gross lately...gaining weight but not looking pregnant yet (my least favorite pregnancy phase) and feeling & looking tired so I thought some new makeup would refresh me. I got there (I even got to go alone) and became so overwhelmed, even depressed and left with nothing. So instead, feeling like I was about to pass out I went to subway to refuel. I can home defeated feeling like a nut case after telling Bryce what happened. So I think my Ulta experience was highjacked by my hormones. Maybe another day...

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Jennifer said...

Your kids are just the cutest...and you capture them so well. I've tagged you with the 2008 Brilliant Blogger award. Check out my blog to see what to do! Jennifer @ justbeekoz

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