Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I was so excited this morning when I called and found out there were a few pre-k openings!!! I got ready, rushed up to the school to fill out a million forms only to turn them in and be told it's an afternoon spot. My heart sank - 12:35 to 3:05 - right in the middle of Ben (and Brinley's) nap! I spoke to the lady at administration and she told me there was a morning spot at another school so I rushed over there only to find out she was wrong. This also left me with another dilemma...Brin was registered for a morning gymnastic class so I called and of course there are no classes for her age group between 12:35 and 3:05 probably because anyone IN THEIR RIGHT MIND knows this is a bad time for young children. So I asked for suggestions on what Ben could do while Brinley and I are in her class. Well, an additional tuition later, Ben is now signed up for Kick n' gym (which is gymnastics & karate) so Brinley could stay in her class.
After talking to Bryce we decided to at least give Ben a shot at afternoon pre-k (since the chances of getting a morning are slim to none) and on top of starting school TOMORROW (yikes- gotta go get supplies) we all start gymnastics class.

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Lindy said...

See, it all worked out...at least for now! Ben will enjoy his gymnastics and karate class.

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