Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The First Day

We started gym class and school today! We were late to gym because we were waiting on a dresser to be delivered but once we arrived, the kids had a blast. Then home for Ben to change and have lunch and off to school... For some reason Brinley would say "cheese" then cover her eyes so this is the best pic I could get of them together- with Brin still in her pink leotard.
For the first day parents went in for a story (The Kissing Hand - which we know well) and drop off. Ben was very comfortable and just sat down right in the middle of the circle instead of in my lap and our goodbye was painless- no tears. What a difference from last year!
Pickup was an ordeal but I think that will get smoother. He had a good day and said it was fun. He's been a little wild this afternoon without a nap but I think he'll be ready for bed tonight. I know I am - lol.

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Allison said...

I can't believe you are doing that all in one day!! I bet he was tired!

Lindy said...

I love those little Gap do I have taste! haha!

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