Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Not fat, just pregnant"

I'm very tempted to buy that t-shirt. I'm in my least favorite pregnancy phase right now. My waist is gone, my belly is round but not in a cute pregnant way - more like a "too big lunch" or "you're getting chunky" kinda way. Most of my regular pants/shorts don't fit but my maternity clothes look goofy. It's just awkward because you feel every bit pregnant but it's just not obvious to the world and a little hard on the self esteem. Yes, even the 3rd time around - more so because you round out rather quickly but I swear if I hear any "twins?" comments, I will scream or cry...not really...I'll just try to laugh it off. And yes every pregnancy someone (close to me) will make the comment. Never say this to a pregnant woman ... unless maybe, maybe it is known she's had fertility treatments.

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Allison said...

hey, do you know about the bella bands? They are for the in between stages of your jeans getting too tight and maternity clothes being too big. I had a couple and I wore them all them time. And, I'm sure you look great!

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