Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Olympics

I like to watch the Olympics so yesterday I finally flipped off the cartoons and checked in to see what was going on. This is what the guide said "Synchronized swimming; Equestrian; gymnastics". Okay, this did not prepare me for what I saw...a horse trotting to the middle of a small arena and I thought okay he's about to take off and jump the fences...nope, he started trotting and prancing around to music!! I don't know the official name of this event but it's basically horse dancing. Has anyone else seen this??? And, although I'm sure it's hard to train the horse, how does the human get a medal for this ?? the horse is doing all the work! The Olympic committee does away with softball and keeps horse dancing??

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Lindy said...

Hahahaha.....that's insane! And isn't it a coinsidence that China is leading in Gold Medals...and the Olympics happen to be in China? I watched the men's springboard last night and China won that too! UGH!

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