Friday, August 22, 2008

Weekend - woohoo!

My family is in serious need of a weekend so TGIF ! Bryce could use a break from work. The kids and I have been adjusting to our new schedule and I've personally had a hard week mentally & physically so hopefully some relaxation is in our future. Bryce invited a colleague's family over but they declined and I'm relieved (instead of insulted) after this past week. The only thing on my agenda...I've got to work up the courage to go to the RPSA picnic tomorrow where I know no one- ugh! but I know I really need to meet some people, so wish me luck.

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Allison said...

well you know we sure as heck wouldn't decline you guys!!! You should go! I'm looking forward to our weekend as well and just being able to actually spend some time together.

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