Monday, August 25, 2008

Not relaxing ... embarrassing!

Well, it wasn't the weekend of relaxation I had hoped for...I spent most of my time doing errands and housework but the only meal I cooked Sat. & Sun. was breakfast - unless you count making sandwiches for the picnic. The picnic was okay. I met someone nice but everyone else seemed to be part of their own little clique and I wasn't prepared for that.
So, we went out to eat twice, one of which was sooo embarrassing. Maybe I shouldn't even share this with the world - but for your entertainment, I will....
Bryce said "let's go to town (to look at houses) and have lunch" and I was starving so I stopped cleaning, threw on a ball cap and we headed out. I had just gotten a $10 gift certificate in the mail for a place in town I wanted to try so I suggested we go there. Bryce was like okay (so I was siked because he never wants to go anywhere) but "are we dressed appropriately?" We were all wearing t-shirts & shorts and I also dressed up my outfit with flip flops! I said "well, it says 'casual dining' ". Well, turns out it was not so casual - everyone looked like they had just come from church and we looked like well, I described us already. When we walked in, I knew we were out of place but then we were being asked "how many?" and seated and waited on and I didn't have the nerve to do another walk through the restaurant and leave so we stayed and ate. The food was really good and I dreaded check out because on top of looking like a homeless family, I had $10 off !!! and I had 2 to-go boxes !!! so Bryce headed out with the kids (he refused to carry the boxes out) and I paid then left and did the walk of shame all alone. I was even stopped and asked if I needed a bag for my boxes - lol- in front of everyone (in dresses) waiting to be seated.
So, please share your embarrassing story with me...

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Lindy said...

Hahahaha.....that's funny! I'm sure Bryce was furious!!

Cindi said...

He didn't let me have it too bad since he didn't want a scene on top of being the skankiest people there - lol

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