Monday, August 18, 2008

Some pictures

I've been really lazy about pictures lately, so here's a few. This is from last week when it rained... This is from Bryant's birthday - he's the little one. I couldn't get one with them all looking...or even with their eyes open, obviously-lol. It was a caterpillar party so that is antennae Ben has on his head and Brinley's still the only girl.
This is Brinley walking Lola (Nece's dog...Nece is grandma), which she's allowed to do in the house, much to Lola's dismay...

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Allison said...

Ca-ute! Brinley looks like she's getting big too!

Lindy said...

Michael looks pretty relaxed in the background of the kiddos group picture...haha!

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