Sunday, January 4, 2009

Downtown Ice Skating

OKC has a celebration called "Downtown in December" with lights, snow tubing, ice skating, and all kinds of holiday stuff. Last month it was just too cold to go but Saturday it warmed up to 68 degrees! (This was a welcome change since it was predicted to be 70 on Friday and stayed cloudy and 45!) So we headed downtown to take advantage of the beautiful afternoon & catch the weekend of the holiday celebration.
We always seem to start off with the kids rolling down their favorite hill... even though it had holiday decor all around.

Then we headed over to check out the snow tubing and decided the kids were not really old enough for that (it was pretty high) so we took pictures on the buffalo.

This one I was not going to post but...after spotting Ben in the background, Lindy & I had a good laugh so I thought you may too!

On the way to the ice skating rink (which was farther than I thought) we found a playground we didn't know about.

So we had to stop and play a bit...

And it was dark by the time we made it to the ice skating rink. It was the 1st time for both of the kids to skate and I hated it that I couldn't get on the ice with them :( and I found out Aunt Lindy had never ice skated before, so that left just Daddy to skate - well, I think he more or less carried them, haha. But they were both excited to skate!

They took turns - Ben went first.

Then Brin.

Then while watching them skate...
the wind picked up and the temp dropped about 30 degrees!

We only had jackets and were freezing!!! as you can tell from every one's faces.
Time to go!
but we were several blocks from our car and all the restaurants...Poor things were huddled together on the street corner saying "were freezing & starving!" I knew it would be colder Sunday, but I had no idea the cold front was coming so soon.
Looks like I've already blown my chances for the 2009 Mom of the year award - lol.
So, my kids also had their first cab ride : )
Then we ate at a nice, warm restaurant so the evening was saved.

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Jennifer said...

makes for great memories...first time ice skating, first time in a taxi, first time smelling the buffalo's behind....
Great pics!
I bet your husband got a great workout on the ice.

Jennifer said...

just nominated you for a little award...
check out my blog

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