Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Points junkie

I've collected Pampers Gifts to Grow points since Ben was a baby, not so much with Brinley (Huggies fit her better) but now she uses Pampers Easy ups when she sleeps so I'm still collecting points.

I entered several codes the other day and thought I would browse the "rewards catalog" and was pleasantly surprised...

They used to have mostly toys, which we don't need - I guess that's why I haven't redeemed any points (I'm up to 273!) Now they have stuff like Gap (including Old Navy, Banana Republic) gift cards! Also Target, Macy's, Lego, L.L. Bean & Starbucks gift cards and Shutterfly books & pictures.

Today I pulled the sticker code off Brin's empty pack of Easy ups then thought well, might as well open the new package & get that one too...which then led me to open the new baby's diapers and get that sticker code....at which point I wondered if I might have a problem-lol.

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Allison said...

Yeah, I'm a points junkie too. And the sad thing is, that I think Huggies may actually work better too, but I'm at 103 points and I can't stop now. Also, there were some free point codes out there not too long ago. I'm not sure if they were still valid or not, but you may try googling them. One that I got was worth 10 points and I think the rest were only 1 and 3. (but better than nothing!) I have no idea what I'm saving up for, but I like the idea of having a lot of options!

Lindy said...

Youre like the kid who opens all the boxes of cereal just for the prize...lol!!

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