Wednesday, January 7, 2009

P90X "guideline"

Okay, I won't blog about P90X everyday, I promise - but I gotta tell you a little secret my husband let me in on (he must have been testing me, I guess)...there's another, more flexible, way to prepare the meals other than the meal plan!!!
Which would have me making stuff like:
8 oz. Swordfish with 3 tbsp. mango-ginger sauce, Miso soup, Halibut, Gazpacho, Quinoa, Steak & Arugula Salad - forgive my ignorance but I don't even know what some of these are!! (and I don't even like seafood)

The other way is a guideline telling you how many fruits, vegetables, protein, carbs, dairy, etc. to have each day and it gives a list of "acceptable" examples like chicken, v-8, a banana, turkey bacon, whole wheat bagel, carrots, cottage cheese....ya know stuff easy to find & prepare!

What was he thinking??? I'm not a good cook and I might just have given up if I had to make Butternut Squash soup again like last night. Have you ever made that? Chopping it up is like cutting a brick!!!

And, I caught him cheating this morning!! I made him turkey sausage with egg whites on whole wheat english muffin (his only carb for the day :0 ) with 1 cup of v-8 and he snuck in orange juice!! He only gets 1 fruit and I put a banana in his lunch, I told him. Can't say I blame him but his response was "it's only a guideline", haha.

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Allison said...

Why exactly is he doing this anyway? He seems very fit to me. Does he just like the challenge? He's crazy...So, do you have to fix your kids separate stuff?

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