Monday, January 12, 2009

6 weeks to go...

Only 6 weeks to my due date! or if this baby is like Ben, we could have him/her here in as little as 4 weeks!
Went in for OB check up today & all is well. I only gained 1 pound this time (I'm so cumbersome, I would've sworn 10 pounds) so I'm up to 25 lbs. with 6 weeks still to go...trying to stay under 30 lbs. The doctor is predicting a 7 lb. baby, but I thought this one might get up to 8lbs. Anyway, it's head is down & ready...

I am getting nervous, anxious, because of the unknown - will my water break in the middle of Target? Will it arrive in 3 hours like Brinley or will there be time for my MIL to make it up here and watch the kids? How long will I labor before I get my epidural? (Last time I got it only about 15 minutes before Brinley was born!) Will Bryce be pestering me about "where's the floss?" while I'm laboring? And so many more things I'm wondering...

I do have a couple of goals this time: I would like to shower before I leave the hospital! And even put on makeup!! Which I have not accomplished with the first two babies (I know...eww, gross!). I left 24 hours after Ben was born and only 17 hours after Brinley so this time my plan is to leave when I'm ready.

I'm also excited to meet this new little person - Is it a boy like I think? what kind of personality will it have? will it have a headful of dark hair like the other two or will any of my children be blonde w/ blue eyes like their dad?

And of course I pray it is healthy no matter what and I also throw in a little prayer that it is a good sleeper - lol :)

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