Friday, January 16, 2009

Pizza Party Night

My husband will think I'm blogging about this to make him feel like the worst dad ever - not true, it's just a very mommy story of how I had to step out of my comfort zone and pass out homemade pizza party invitations to strangers...and I did it to make my little boy feel better. I'm sure other moms would have done the same :)

It started last week when Ben came home from school with info on Dads & Kids Pizza Night hosted by the dads' group at Ben's school - all meant to get dads, grandpas, father figures more involved at school. It was Thursday 6-7 p.m. Ben was excited so I told him he would have to ask his dad.

When Bryce got home Ben told him and he excitedly agreed to go...I gave him a look (knowing he's usually late on Thursdays). He didn't appreciate my warning look and immediately filled out the rsvp for him and Ben to attend Pizza Night with Dads.

As Pizza Night approaches Bryce warns him they may have to show up late - that doesn't bother Ben.

Last night I text him before 6 pm "are you on your way?"
He replies "not yet".
And I brace myself for what comes next.
Another text, a little after 6 pm "not going to make it".
Crap, I knew it! So, I wait to get my courage up to break the news to Ben.
I tell him, the tears immediately roll.

"We can go get pizza and have our own party right here" I offer. Not the same, I guess.
Knowing we all need to eat since I didn't make dinner, I ask if there's somewhere he would like to go...CiCi's Pizza he decides. And he also decides if we're having our pizza party there instead at school then we would need invitations and starts bringing me paper to make some...okay, this is good...he's feeling better, no more tears.

I get the crayons out. "Let's make this one for Brinley, one for Daddy..." I say. He keeps bringing more paper...I tell him I don't think we need that much but he corrects me "we need invitations to pass out to everyone!". Um, everyone? yep, everyone at Cici's.
"But they're already there, Ben"...."but mommy they need an invitation!"

He's excited again so we draw party hats, pizza, pasta, people with their mouths open wide, etc. until Daddy arrives and Ben shares our plan with him. It's bath time but instead we head across town to Cici's with invitations.

We park, Daddy tries to get him to leave the invitations inside the car..."No, we have to pass them out" Ben protests. Daddy gives me a look...I know.
We go in, pay, Ben immediately starts asking me who we can give the party invitations to.... and Bryce takes Brinley & heads directly to a booth, haha.

We get salad, pizza, drinks & start eating. We walk around with the invitations...Ben can't get up the nerve to approach anyone.

Bryce tries to explain it's rude to interrupt people's dinner. Not working.

I quietly explain to Bryce that we're at CiCi's, not a fine restaurant and I care more about Ben's feelings than what strangers we venture out again.

Ben walks and walks. I ask who he wants to give them to. "People like me" he responds. Oh, other kids!

"I'm going out to warm up the car" Daddy announces.

An older boy walks by, Ben holds out an invitation, the boy just walks by...Ben looks so sad. I have to help.

"How about them?" I say and approach a table with a friendly looking lady then explained he would like to give her something, which he does and she comments on it - he smiles. We go to another table with kids and it turns out it's the boy's birthday! Ben's confidence soars...we move on to another table...everyone is so gracious! Whew, what a relief!

We go to the game room a few minutes and I realize Daddy really is sitting out in the car (and he has my purse so I have no money for the games) so I announce "time to go". Brinley still has her stack of invitations and also wants to pass them out! So, we find a couple more tables to approach and again the unsuspecting strangers are soo nice.
And Pizza Party Night is saved!!

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Lindy said...

That is the SADDEST story!!!!! I'm glad YOU were able to help Ben cheer up! I totally would have done the same thing.

Cindi said...

I felt horrible. I explained the situation to my professor and I was assured we would be out on time but sure enough it ran over. It was a required part of the curriculum and imagine just getting up and walking out of a conference with all of the attendings and the rest of the residents present. I was stuck. Next time I will either not show up at all or I will not commit.

Cindi said...

That was Bryce's comment obviously, not me.

Lindy said...

I was referring to the YOU helping cheer Ben up part by helping pass out the invitations....not anything against Bryce for not being able to leave.

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