Monday, January 26, 2009

Iced In

I'm at home with 2 sick kids :(
Poor Brinley has had fever for 2 days. Yesterday she snuggled up with daddy and watched Charlotte's Web. He lives for that - it made his day!Ben has had an upset tummy (poor thing was sick only a month ago) and as of this morning, a cough too so we've just been hanging out at home...but we're getting desperate for entertainment.
And now, we have ice!
The mist began today a little before lunch and it's only 23 degrees out.
We ventured out right after it started (thinking it wouldn't be that bad yet) because I had an OB appointment and slid just pulling out of the neighborhood. We made it to Sonic right by our house & were eating, debating on continuing our journey to my appointment when Brinley announced she had to potty. So we headed home, slid again (and watched others slide) before getting to our driveway and discovering it was so slippery we could barely make it into the garage!

Then I decided to bring the trash can up to the house (today was trash day) and for some reason I didn't want it iced shut. I fell on the sidewalk and of course there was some one driving by to witness it :0
I'm okay - but I just decided to stay home after that.

Like I said, we're a little bored (and no, laundry doesn't count) so when my neighbor came home and slid into his house while trying to pull into the garage, we had to watch out the window!

I even snuck a
Aren't you glad you don't live next to nosy me?
or that you aren't married to me - because I do not have the groceries to make a P90X approved dinner, oops!

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Allison said...

Welcome to Oklahoma! Luckily we're only supposed to get snow - not ice.

Lindy said...

Haha...I sneak pictures of everything!! Even my roommates't you glad your not my roommate??

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