Sunday, January 18, 2009

Out of the ordinary

That sums up my weekend. My house was too quiet. These are some of the out of ordinary things I did....slept on the couch - felt too lonely in the bed, listen to music while getting ready-instead of listening for kids, didn't cook at all - still did some laundry, watched t.v. but felt weird just sitting there so I put the newborn soothing center together (aka - sweetpeace swing). I drove Bryce's truck (he & the kids took my suv) and was actually driving down the road before I realized my lights weren't on! I'm used to my automatic lights, as well as my back up sensors - scary.

Speaking of scary, had my hair highlighted (I was long overdue & thought this would make me feel good) but it didn't turn out that great so I got up the nerve to go back for a color correction...definitely out of the ordinary for me...but I'm still not happy. So I spent more time than I would have liked at the salon. It took Bryce a little while to notice my hair was different but he summed it up with "hmm...tiger stripes".

I believe I have officially moved into the miserable phase of my pregnancy because despite having the weekend to myself, I sadly still do not feel refreshed. I was even too tired to go to a movie & I normally love the movies.

My babies (all three) are home now - yay! I'm still big, tired & miserable but at least I have lots of hugs & kisses to get me through it :)

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Jennifer said...

tiger stripes, not so funny! -
especially when you tell him how much it cost you (him).

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