Tuesday, January 6, 2009

P90X dinner

Just a little update - the P90X workout made Bryce sick because it's so intense. So, really, is there any hope for me?? LOL.
Dinner was salmon (I bought lemon-dill seasoning & didn't use their recipe for it -too much work) with wild rice, asparagus (easy enough) and Red Pepper soup. Which was time consuming - not difficult, just lots to cut up. But get this...the recipe is for 12!! Bryce's serving? one cup!! So I've gotta find a way to preserve it because I'm not wasting an entire pot of it.
The kids and I split a sandwich from Subway :) and I baked Chocolate Chip Walnut cookies, heehee.
Bryce did the dishes...woohoo!
Oh, and the weights we were getting off Craig's List? The guy sold them to someone else! What a rat!

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