Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The story of Brinley's birth

I have no idea what to expect this third time around because Brinley's birth was different from Ben's - this is her story...
Oh, and sorry if you don't like childbirth stories because...I'm still iced in today and have the time, haha!

My sister came to stay with me 2 weeks before my due date because we were now in Southern California and I was so worried about what I was going to due with Ben when I went into labor & also that Brinley would arrive early.

Well, poor Lindy sat around watching me be miserable for 2 weeks then on my due date, we took her to the airport and she flew back home...a few hours later, Bryce's parents arrived. We went to get Pawpaw a pillow top for the pull out sofa then went back home and ordered Olive Garden, mmmm...Olive Garden...anyway...Because Nece & Pawpaw were on Texas time - 2 hrs. ahead of us. Bryce & Pawpaw went to pick up the food, Ben & Nece went to his playroom then I felt a contraction...okay, wait and see if there's another...4:45 another uncomfortable one.

Go to potty, telltale pink on the t.p. again. Nece comes to check on me, "I'm okay" I tell her then emerge and tell her I'm having contractions. I call the Kaiser Permanente hotline and speak to a nurse. The contractions are really picking up and she wants me to call back in an hour and tell her if it's worse...um, it's worse just since I called you..."I don't think I can wait" I tell her so she says she will call the hospital for me. Okay...ouch...breathe, breathe...thanks.

I call Bryce and tell him, "do we have time to stop for a bottle of wine?" he asks. My reply "sure if you want to get drunk before your daughter gets here, go ahead". He came straight home.
By the time he got there I couldn't even speak through my contractions. Pawpaw was asking what he could do to help! Sweet but as Nece told him "there's nothing you can do. Just let them get going". I shook my head yes.

Got to the hospital, already dilated to a 5. Good, I can get my epidural now? No, the wicked nurse informs me - you have to finish your IV drip first. Bryce stays by my side, no funny positions this time...I stay in bed & nearly tore his arm off with my death grip (seriously, we were both sore afterwards).

He keeps checking to see when I can get my epidural. The nurse says she will check my progress...when she finally does I'm a 10 and wanting to push!!! Okay, wicked witch...do ya think I'm ready now??? Truly, as sweet as my first L&D nurse was - was as callous as this one was.
She tells the doc (my actual doctor was on call & baby arriving on her due date, what are the odds?) and he arrives and gives me the option to rupture my membranes then push or get my epidural first...

Sometimes I think I should have just pushed and had an "all natural" delivery but at the time I wanted a peaceful, non-torturous entrance into the world for my little girl so I asked "where is the anesthesiologist?" Outside the door, with Pawpaw...well, bring him in!

I could barely hold still for it, still having the urge to push and once again the nurse was not understanding. But I got it (at 7:15 pm - once again I remember the time) it kicked in and Pawpaw came in the room - I later found out he felt obligated and being in there was torture for him. Brinley was the only baby he had been in the room for, not even his own children! And probably never again, haha.
So, my doc "broke my water" and I pushed a few minutes...

Brinley was born at 7:33 pm on April 1st! Just 3 hours after my first contraction!

Then I got to eat my Olive Garden dinner. My recovery nurse was a doll and I even got a little sleep that night :) before I left at lunch the next day.

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