Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Iced In - Day 3

Warning: Audio is a must on today's post, so turn it up!!
Actually, it's going to get above freezing today & we will make a trip to get groceries...but school and gym class are cancelled so it's still an "ice day".
Sick of "snow pics?" yet?
Well, these are different because...
Finally, we have sunshine :)... and the ice is melting!

"Look what I built you mommy!"
"oh, thank you honey. It's a..snow...ridge?" lol.
She played at the snow table the whole time.

Ben tested the slide...still coated with ice.
And did some more sledding.

And I'm like the nosiest neighbor ever but I noticed the 2 families to our right, who have kids, have not left their houses in 2 days- I mean have not stepped a foot outside!! Not only have I not seen/heard them but no tracks on the driveway or sidewalk, it's completely smooth. That's just weird. And not healthy. In my opinion, of course : )

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Jennifer said...

are you stalking your neighbors again?? LOL
glad ya'll made it outside! One would go INSANE staying indoors for more than one day...good lord!

Suzanne said...

Sweet tunes! Stay warm with your cute little ice babies!

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